Our philosophy

A new kind of management company approach

We focus on developing powerful brands, not our own brand. We are focused on a single business – hospitality.  We brand the property and not the collection.  Our individual property brands have strong growth potential, each is nationally recognized and deeply rooted in its own DNA (distinctive heritage, culture and local traditions).

Our primary strategy is to fuel the organic growth of our current portfolio. We help our properties grow by providing the support they need to reinforce positions in mature markets, expand into new markets, and develop new distribution channels.

We create value by empowering imagination. We encourage our teams at the properties to stretch their thinking, move beyond their comfort zone and achieve their full potential.  By providing a platform of support service, like IT, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, we allow them to focus on the heart of their business – hospitality and servicing their guests.

We provide ‘freedom within a framework.’ Our properties operate within a set of guidelines, established by the collection to capture operational efficiencies and economies of scale and to provide a consistent customer experience across the collection.  At the same time, each property functions freely under the direct leadership of its respective General Manager and the wishes of the property owners/partners.

The OHM effect is the change we stimulate in our properties. We provide our properties with the financial firepower, business expertise and resources they need to accelerate their growth and build the business for the future.

We believe that sustainable business is smart business. Sustainability and quality have become synonymous.  Sustainable products and processes add value and give our properties competitive advantage.  

We are committed to diversity and equality, especially for women. We promote a culture of equality and diversity with special emphasis on ensuring gender balance and in our teams. In fact, women make up nearly 90% of our management team.

We empower talent. We are passionate about our people and keen to attract, develop and retain the best in every field of our business.  We actively seek out and nurture young talent, both within and outside our collection, by promoting from within, developing a culture of lifelong learning and partnering with others.

We lead in digital. We have a group level team dedicated to overseeing digital best practices and accelerating e-commerce opportunities.  

Our mission is to help our guests build experiences at our properties. We inspire our teams to create experiences rather than stays for our guests.  Our staff is encouraged to delve deep to find each guest's reason for visiting and to ensure that a variety of special moments are created during their visit.