At the heart of our culture is "experience building."

We believe that true hospitality is found in the nurturing and building of strong relationships with each other, our guests and our communities. We do this by recognizing and valuing each other, understanding individuality and respecting differences. We do this by recognizing that while hospitality is about buildings, products, design, standards and efficiencies – it is really about people. We do this by recognizing our guests’ individual needs and engaging them with warm and genuine service, delivered with passion and dedication every day.

As our company has grown from a single hotel to a collection of some of the most prestigious properties in New England, our deeply instilled culture, personified by our associates, continues to get stronger. Over the years, our people have built an unrivalled depth of reliability, trust and connection with our guests – a connection we will steadfastly uphold, now and always.

We truly believe that our single most important asset is our people.


Pursuing this mission is a dedicated team of talented individuals. Knowledge and passion for exceptional, personalized service are the foundation upon which our experience is built. The principles we live by are inspired by these timeless values:



We perform at extraordinary levels. We are professional in our appearance, language and behavior.


We embrace and reflect the heritage and traditions of our location.


We consistently anticipate and are responsive to the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests.


We exercise good judgment and take action to create unique, memorable and personalized experiences for our guests. We own and resolve guest problems brought to our attention.


We continuously seek opportunities to apply creativity and improve our service and product.


We create an environment of lateral service so that the needs of our guests and each other are met.


We encourage every individual's contribution, personal growth and importance to the company.


We treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times. We do what we say we will do, and are honest and fair.


We take an active role in service to our community.


We are committed to the careful and responsible management of the properties entrusted to our care.